Registration – Level 1

Tea and Coffee – Level 1


Welcome and Introduction

Location: Room 102

Anne Orford, Melbourne Law School



Chair: Anne Orford

Location: Room 102

Martti Koskenniemi, University of Helsinki/Melbourne Law School

Humanity and Property

Glenda Sluga, University of Sydney

‘Philanthropists and Speculators Alike’: Adding Economics to the History of Humanitarianism


Morning Tea

Location: Level 1


Panel 2

Chair: Ntina Tzouvala

Location: Room 102

Jessica Whyte, University of Western Sydney

‘[I]n Conformity with the Work of Henry Dunant’: International Law, Decolonization and the Construction of a Humanitarian Tradition

Victor Kattan, National University of Singapore

There is Nothing Humanitarian about Giving ‘Terrorists’ Rights: Revisiting the Neoconservative Critique of the Development of International Humanitarian Law during Decolonisation

Cheah Wui Ling, National University of Singapore

Shadows of Colonialism and the Silence of the Geneva Framework



Location: Level 1


Panel 3

Chair: Marnie Lloydd

Location: Room 102

Matt Killingsworth, University of Tasmania

Explaining the Uneven Development of Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello Laws of War

Fauve Kurnadi and Georgia Hinds, Australian Red Cross and ICRC

The Impact of Counter-Terrorism Legislation on Respect for International Humanitarian Law and the Humanitarian Principles

Rain Liivoja, University of Queensland

Contradictory Appeals to Humanity in the Development of Arms Control Law



Location: Level 1


Panel 4

Chair: Anna Saunders

Location: Room 102

Helen Kinsella, University of Wisconsin

General Orders 100 and the Native American Wars

Rose Parfitt, Kent Law School/Melbourne Law School

Fascism and Humanitarianism

Frédéric Mégrét, McGill University

Humanitarian Masculinity and the Gendered Constitution of the Laws of War


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Chair: Gregor Noll

LocationRoom 102

Naz Modirzadeh, Harvard Law School

Cut These Words: Passion and International Legal Scholarship on Armed Conflict

Daniel Joyce, University of New South Wales

Platform Humanitarianism and International Law: The Promise of Common Humanity and the Realities of Communicative Capitalism

Daria Davitti, Lund University/University of Nottingham

Refugees, the EU and Humanitarian Actors in the Mediterranean: Reflections on Humanitarianism


Morning Tea

Location: Level 1


Panel 6

Chair: Hilary Charlesworth

Location: Room 102

Anna Hood and Madelaine Chiam, University of Auckland and La Trobe University

Nuclear Humanitarianism in Australia and New Zealand

Leila Brännström and Markus Gunneflo, Lund University

The Tragedy of Humanitarian Feminism

Amanda Alexander, Australian Catholic University

Ronald Dworkin and Humanitarianism in International Law



Location: Level 1


Panel 7

Chair: Martti Koskenniemi

Location: Room 102

Karin Loevy, New York University

A Home for the Homeless Jew in Colonial Territories: The Humanitarian Background to the Balfour Declaration

Marnie Lloydd, Melbourne Law School

‘Far from Hot Baths’: Transnational Volunteer Fighters and Local Rights of Resistance

Chris Gevers, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Biafra, Narratives of Humanitarianism and the Remaking of International Law


AFternoon TEA

Location: Level 1



Chair: Madelaine Chiam

Location: Room 102

Fabia Veçoso and Sebastin Machado, Melbourne Law School

Risky Rhetoric: How Not to Talk about Humanitarianism

Ntina Tzouvala, Melbourne Law School

The 2011 Libya Intervention and International Law, or on the Legality of Facts

Michelle Burgis-Kasthala, University of Edinburgh/Australian National University

Statebuilding through International Criminal Law? The Politics of Capacity Building in Syria

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Chair: Daniel Joyce

Location: Room 102

Dino Kritsiotis, University of Nottingham

A Humanity of the Atomic

Treasa Dunworth, University of Auckland

A Critique of ‘Humanitarian Disarmament’

Luis Bogliolo, Melbourne Law School

Bombing and Legitimate Targets: A Brief History of the Idea of Military Objectives in International Law


Morning Tea

Location: Level 1


Panel 10

Chair: Kathryn Greenman

LocationRoom 102

Chen Yifeng, Peking University

Humanitarianism and International Organizations: International Labour Organization as Avant-Garde of Global Governance

Britta Sjöstedt, Lund University

Humanitarian Organisations — Expanding Tasks and its Consequences



Location: Level 1


Panel 11

Chair: Dino Kritsiotis

Location: Room 102

Anna Saunders, Melbourne Law School

Humanity in Transition: The Charter of the United Nations and the Pacification of Enemy States

Juan Pablo Scarfi, National University of San Martin

The Humanitarian and Cold War Origins of Human Rights in the Americas: The IAHRS, the OAS, the US and the International Legal Reactions to the Cuban Revolution

Boyd van Dijk, King’s College London

The Colonial Origins of the 1949 Geneva Conventions


Afternoon Tea

Location: Level 1



Chair: Fabia Veçoso

Location: Room 102

Gregor Noll, University of Gothenburg

Algorithmic Warfare

Emily Jones, University of Essex

Humanitarian Law’s Posthuman Limits: An Analysis of the Discourse on Contemporary and Future Military Technologies

Ka Lok Yip, Graduate Institute Geneva

The Night in which All Cows are Black: Theorising the ‘Human’ in International Law


Closing Reflections

Location: Room 102

Anne Orford, Melbourne Law School


Concluding Drinks

Location: Level 9 Common Room


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